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 For the full software list consult the table below or scroll down for more information.

Software full list catalogue 

  • The list below shows the general availability for each software product.
  • Your personal entitlement will depend on the status shown on your University Card (this will be verified when purchased via the IT Services Shop).
  • This list is intended to show all software generally available throughout the University. If you are aware of software that should be included on this list please contact us at Software Licensing.
  • All centrally funded software is on this list. If you don't find it here you will need to request it from your department, college, or self-fund the product. Do note, that for any new software which runs in the cloud (or part of) will need to go through a third party security assessment.
  • Download links may be restricted access. ITSS indicates the link is only for registered IT Staff.


Software and validity Additional details License terms

University units

Staff Students


Annual renewal

Please request a quote directly from Bytes (email or contact our Bytes account manager directly).

Minimum 15 licenses in your initial order.

Terms Yes Personal use is included in license Personal use is included in license

Adobe CLP Agreement



Adobe CLP Agreement includes this software with perpetual licensing is not free of charge:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC - withdrawn by Adobe and no longer available
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Premiere Element
  • Adobe Lightroom
Terms Yes



Adobe VIP Agreement

IT Services/CONNECT Managed Users 

have their own portal.

The online shop Adobe portal 
renews each Sept.

Each portal has its own renewal anniversary based on setup date

Adobe VIP Agreement includes this software with subscription licensing:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Note: 2+ apps are the same cost as All Apps

Terms Yes


Local Device Licence Portals 

Student Educational discount




Annual renewal  expires 31/7/2024


Departmental contacts for ArcGIS (ITSS)

ESRI Terms



Yes Yes

BadCopy Pro (JuSoft)

4.1.0 build 125

File recovery software  


Yes No
CasaXPS Analysis techniques for both spectral and imaging data   ITSS    

ChemOffice and Crystal Maker (PerkinElmer)


Database Integration, a Faster Interface & More Color Capabilities.

Contact: Karl Harrison


Crystal Maker

Same as Unit  

Corel Academic Site Licence

Site licensed
Annual renewal expires 31/8/24

Corel Painter, PaintShop Pro, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, PDF Fusion, VideoStudio Pro, Website Creator Terms ITSS    
0101/Crystalmaker Suite (CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract, SingleCrystal)

Visualization and analysis of crystal and molecular structures

Annual site licence

  Yes Yes Yes


Annual renewal

Dept/College-owned Windows and macOS

For University machines via ITSS for staff and students

Terms ITSS    


For personal use - same as above

EndNote allowed for personal use
but will no longer update on leaving
the University

Terms Site Licensed - 
no charge
Site Licensed -
no charge
Site Licensed -no charge



Image Processing and Analysis   Geography    
ERDAS IMAGINE Windows and Unix   Earth Sciences    

File System Factory (Condrey)

Annual renewal
expires 31/10/24


Imagine 'former' Microsoft software

'Azure Dev Tools for Teaching'

Formerly DreamSpark

Requires local dept. agreement and management

Intel C/C++ for Linux Compiler ARC   Free    
Intel Fortran for Linux Compiler ARC   Free    

JRButils Managing Micro Focus v28

Retired product - last update July 2022

Formerly Novell Terms

No charge



JRButils for Active Directory v15

same as above






Kofax Power PDF Advanced for Windows

Perpetual with annual maintenance
expires 20/3/25

Kofax bought PDF- formerly Nuance

Mac licenses are not incl. and can be purchased from the
Online Shop




LabVIEW Due to a significant price increase and subscription model, Physics will no longer support this software Contact Supplier National Instruments      

MapInfo Pro

Rental until 2017

includes Mapbasic via download
Contact OUCE




No longer renewed as

Windows, Mac and Linux

Contact Bytes
or Maple directly


Mathematica / Wolfram

Annual renewal
expires 1/11/24

Windows, Mac and Linux.
Terms Site Licensed -
no charge
Site Licensed -  no charge Site Licensed - no charge

Matlab Campus Licence

Annual renewal  expires 31/7/24

Windows, Mac and Linux.  Additional toolboxes included

Matlab representatives

Agreement Details

Site Licensed -
no charge


Site Licensed - no charge Site Licensed - no charge

Micro Focus

Annual maintenance 
expires 31/7/24

 Formerly Novell

Available for use as:

  • OES on SLES
  • SLES only when used in support of an OES installation
Terms Yes    

Microsoft Campus

Renewed for 3 years expires 31/8/27

OS upgrades, Office, SharePoint Designer and Core CAL's

Contact your local IT


Site Licensed -
no charge


Educational subscription available via On The Hub Windows 10
Parallels for Mac
Students only
WAH Terms   OnTheHub OnTheHub

Microsoft Select

Not included in Campus agreement

Windows Server
Project, Visio, SQL, CALs, etc.

3 ways to order:

Please order directly from our supplier Bytes in one of the following ways:

1.  Oracle Punchout

2.  Direct via Bytes Portal - for those outside Oracle. Contact Bytes for access.

3.  Quotes - email 
or for expert licensing advice from our certified Microsoft experts.



Yes - only University owned computers No

Microsoft Office365 

Office365 apps are available to current students and staff on Nexus365 based on your University card status;
can be downloaded to 5 different devices including home and University devices. 

Visual Studio, Project, Visio and other products are not included in Nexus365  For quotes contact Bytes:

Nexus365 terms Yes Yes Yes


Annual renewal

Serial Libraries, Data Mining Components, NAG Toolbox for MATLAB and FORTRAN Compiler

Unlimited Yes Yes Free (UG)


Site licensed
Annual renewal  expires 4/4/2025
(in 4 of 5 yr)

Windows and Mac

Cloud collaboration is an optional extra run locally
NVivo Cloud Collaboration setup with Jisc

Terms Site Licensed -
no charge
Site Licensed -
no charge
Site Licensed - no charge

OpenText Software

Rental until 31/7/21
(no longer renewed)

Now part of MicroFocus
Formerly Exceed & Hummingbird

Exceed and OpenText Secure Shell

CSS Terms

General Terms




Site licensed
Annual renewal  Expires 31/07/24

Windows - instructions and code

The 'Request code' in the instructions above takes you to Origins site
log in and they email you your product key




Yes Yes


Site-wide subscription, expires 01/03/2025

Online only. Terms Site Licensed - no charge Site Licensed - no charge Site Licensed - no charge


Annual Licence

Windows, Mac and Linux.

Software Server

Within Download Yes Yes Yes

Oxygen XML Editor

Site licensed
Annual maintenance  Expires 18/5/24

Windows, Mac and Linux.   Site Licensed - no charge Site Licensed - no charge Site Licensed - no charge
Parallels for Mac

Virtual Machine for Mac

Educational subscription available via On The Hub

12-month subscription via Bytes Oracle Punchout or

  Contact Bytes
OnTheHub OnTheHub


site license
discontinued 2016


Windows and Netware servers

Perpetual for existing users

Terms Yes    
Portland C /C++ for Linux Compiler Linux   Free    
Portland Fortran for Linux Compiler Linux   Free    

No longer Site Licensed

Departmental licence (only in Medical Sciences & Said Business School)

For single licence contact SAS and ask for educational pricing


Medical Sciences

Said Business School


Scientific Word

Renewed until 2025

Windows and Mac. v6.x

Sci.Word Webpage instructions

Courtesy of Social Sciences

The owner of this product has retired and released the code for v5.x to GitHub


Site Licensed -
no charge


Site Licensed -
no charge
Site Licensed - no charge


Annual renewal 31/08/24

By contribution see ITSS Wiki

On-Line / Local IT





Sophos Central


Windows and Mac

Managed by InfoSec

Terms Dept/College Free Free

SpinRite v6.0

Version site licence

Local IT   ITSS    


Site licensed
Annual renewal  expires 1/12/24
with 30 days grace

Windows and Mac
AMOS Windows only

Site Licensed -
no charge

Site Licensed - no charge Site licensed - no charge


The University does not have site licence for STATA.
Some departments maintain a licence for their users please ask your Course Admin or contact your local IT

Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.

Individuals not covered by local licence may obtain academic pricing 
in the Educational section of the Timberlake website.

Symantec Asset & Client Management Suite Enables an accurate picture of assets throughout their lifecycle.   Yes    
Symantec Ghost Solution Suite v3.3 Disk imaging software.   Yes Yes  
VMWare Virtualisation software
  Email Bytes for quote
and request it is assigned to you
VPN Client For Windows, Mac and Unix   Free Free Free

Zenworks Configuration Manager

Perpetual with Maintenance

Previously Zenworks for Desktops

Desktop OS Management

Terms Yes    


Agreement details: Each software item is covered by a different software agreement. The column "Licence Terms" in the table above links additional details on who can use and install the software. Availability is shown for University Units, Staff and Students. Where software is centrally funded it is noted as "free". If a fee is required it is noted as "Yes". A blank cell means that we are unable to supply this software. Please note that "free" refers only to the software licence, media cost will apply where required.

The following software is available on ARC systems:


Domain of Application Software
Structural Mechanics Abaqus
Computational Chemistry ABINIT , ADF, CASTEP, Dalton, Gaussian03, Gaussian09, GAMESS, GROMACS, Namd
Computational Genomics Abyss, Beast, Impute, MrBayes, Orca, Velvet
General Computing Mathematica, MATLAB, Python
Performance Compilers Intel, PGI
Performance Libraries MKL, ACML, GSL, PETSc
Medical imaging FSL
Statistics R, Stata
Software Development Tools DDT, Intel Debugger, Valgrind


Purchasing Software

The majority of software licences and associated media is distributed through our supplier Bytes. To obtain a quote email or use the Oracle Punchout. Colleges may request access to their online portal at the same email. Purchases through Bytes do not require a software card number and IT Services will not have a record of these purchases as we did in the past.

Adobe cloud products and Kofax for Mac are exceptions remain on the online shop. Users buying software on behalf of a department or college should their software card number, purchase order or credit card.

Some software is obtained by individual departments of the University, not in IT Services. Full details of those agreements can be seen on the Oxford IT Staff wiki (only visible to Oxford IT Staff).

Software Licensing Agreements

IT Services manage a variety of software agreements, available to the various parts of the University depending on the type of agreement and funding model. Some additional software agreements have been taken out by individual departments with usage rights for the whole University. The list above shows the general availability for each software product and is intended to show all software generally available throughout the University. Your personal entitlement will depend on the status shown on your University Card which will be verified when software is purchased via the IT Services Shop.

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